5 brands including Maroc Horus are hot to shop this Black Friday! 

NYTSTND provides multi-device charging stations thoughtfully crafted with premium quality, Amish-sourced wood. Launched in 2016 by Founder and CEO Adam Bdoyan, NYTSTND marries cutting-edge technologies with durable, nature-derived elements.

Since its inception, the Ohio-based electronics leader has partnered with local Amish woodworkers to create charging devices that make connecting–whether with friends, family or nature–more accessible than ever. NYTSTND’s products feature eco-friendly wood and leather materials, multi-device 5-coil wireless charging stations, MagSafe technology for fast, energy-efficient charging, among several others.

Established in 2004, LED Technologies offers market-leading, medical-grade light therapy under their reVive Light Therapy and dpl brands. The industry veteran showcases a diverse range of technologically advanced, FDA-cleared light therapy products widely recognized for their anti-aging, acne, and pain relief results. LED Technologies offers more than 30 innovative devices–many of which have been highlighted in Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Allure, and more. From now until Cyber Monday, customers can shop their Black Friday Everyday Sale, which features 30% off select products every day.

REALMINDED is a forward-thinking platform and clothing brand that centers on combatting the mental health stigma through the therapeutic mode of storytelling. The community-focused brand encourages everyone–regardless of race, gender, class or appearance–to connect, empathize and acknowledge their experiences through the site’s “Share My Story” feature. REALMINDED’s apparel highlights similar themes of acceptance, kindness and unapologetic self-love.

  • Mokuyobi

Headquartered in LA, Mokuyobi is a fast-rising clothing brand popularly known for its bold color schemes and youthful designs. Founded in 2006 by Creative Director Julie Pinzur, Mokuyobi (which translates to “Thursday” in Japanese) boasts a wide selection of playfully vibrant clothing pieces, backpacks, fanny packs, hats and more. Customers can explore Mokuyobi’s latest arrivals on their website or by visiting their flagship store in Little Tokyo, downtown LA.

Maroc Horus is an emerging lifestyle and wellness brand that specializes in metaphysical tools ranging from crystals, brooms, candles, apothecary, incense and more. Developed by Founder and CEO Maroc Wallace, the Philadelphia-based company finds its roots in African spiritual movements, such as Kemetism, Vodun, Voudou and Yoruba. Maroc Horus employs a broad selection of products designed for healing, cleansing, protection and spiritual exploration. As part of a partnership program with Facebook and Instagram, Maroc Horus currently offers free shipping on all app orders.

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