Earth Day: Plant A Tree

With earth day upon us, we found it in good spirit to do something great in celebration of the day. Outside of supporting natural products, renewable energy, and recycling. We decided to do our part in the contribution of earth itself. We helped to plant a tree!Deforestation is at an all time high around the globe. That is why we found to be of much needed help. You can donate to help to contribute to more natural functioning forestations anywhere in the world. With treecycler we were able to plant a tree in Brazil. 

Here's a description of where the tree will be planted via treecycler:  "The Guaranta settlement consists of land given to landless people from Sao Paulo, who often do not have agricultural experience. We are providing agroforestry training and seeds to members of the community so that they can start projects to address environmental and economic needs. "Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) found that Brazil has seen a deforestation rate of 29 percent from last year. What will you be doing for earth on Earth Day?

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