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I had a blast interviewing with the likes of Business Insider, Yahoo, The Boston Herald, and more. Take a look at the article picked up and shared in the press about Maroc Horus!

Within the past several years, spirituality has seamlessly integrated into mainstream culture through the vast modes of social media, art, fashion and more. At the same time, the spiritual industry has also seen a surge in empowered practitioners reclaiming the ancient practices of their ancestors. Such is the case with Maroc Horus - an emerging Black-owned lifestyle and wellness brand that provides an eclectic assortment of metaphysical tools designed to help bridge the gap between mind, body and spirit. Founded in 2017 by Philadelphia native Maroc Wallace, the eponymous brand employs traditions rooted in indigenous African movements, including Kemetism, Voudou, Vodun and Yoruba.

Specializing in metaphysical devices like crystals, candles, brooms, apothecary, incense bundles, and more, Maroc Horus has since built a following of nearly 20K on Instagram. Among the brand's best-selling products include their Eucalyptus Shower Bundle and Metamorphosis Incense Bundle. The Eucalyptus Shower Bundle counteracts anxiety and negative habits, soothes cold-related symptoms and promotes calmness. Centered on protection and transformation, Maroc Horus' Metamorphosis Bundle features a vibrant blend of sage, eucalyptus, billy balls and cedarwood.

Maroc Horus offers free shipping on all orders placed through Facebook or Instagram as part of a recently adopted partnership program. To explore Maroc Horus' product portfolio, visit their website, and stay up-to-date with upcoming releases by following their Instagram (@marochorus).


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