• 🕯️New moon in Isis

    The new moon on December 23rd marks the start of Mesori in Ancient Egyptian astrology, which is the time between the winter solstice and spring equinox. During this period, the Nile River would begin to recede and the sun would become stronger, signaling the coming of spring. The goddess Isis (also known as Auset) was a particularly important deity during this time, as she was seen as a protector of everything in transition and a symbol of rebirth and renewal.


    In Ancient Egyptian belief, Isis was associated with the stars, the moon, and the cycles of nature. She was also venerated as a goddess of fertility, abundance, and

  • Sekhmet New Moon

    Under the original astrology based in Kemetism (Egypt) we are currently in the era of Sekhmet . Once again we find ourselves under Sekhmet’s new moon. She is a Venus goddess of war and destroyer of the enemies of the sun god.

    She is known as a healer, to bring an evolution to your personality. With the coming of the new moon expect a more down to earth appeal, and