The Leo New Moon

Under the original astrology based in Kemetism (Egypt) we are currently in the era of Sekhmet (July 25 - Aug 28). Sekhmet is Venus goddess of war and destroyer of the enemies of the sun god. Like the many traits of the Leo Sekhmet has the head of a Lion, you will find a lively, playful personality as well.

 She is known as a healer, to bring an evolution to your personality. With the coming of the new moon expect a more down to earth appeal, and being more optimistic in achieving the goals you want to accomplish.

Try to avoid unpredictable tempers and argumentative personalities. This may be frivolous and copious during this time. However, protection shall surround you as Sekhmet’s lioness fury is loyal when she is appreciated. Honor her love her. recommendation:

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Apothecary: Bath/Shower Magic: Protection


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