🕯️New moon in Isis

     The new moon on December 23rd marks the start of Mesori in Ancient Egyptian astrology, which is the time between the winter solstice and spring equinox. During this period, the Nile River would begin to recede and the sun would become stronger, signaling the coming of spring. The goddess Isis (also known as Auset) was a particularly important deity during this time, as she was seen as a protector of everything in transition and a symbol of rebirth and renewal.


In Ancient Egyptian belief, Isis was associated with the stars, the moon, and the cycles of nature. She was also venerated as a goddess of fertility, abundance, and protection. Therefore, the new moon on December 23rd has special significance for followers of Isis, as it was seen as a time for new beginnings, growth, and optimism. The new moon also marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, which many believed to be a favourable time for planting, harvesting, and travelling.


Isis was seen to embody the spirit of the new moon and its accompanying cycle of growth and renewal. For her worshippers, the new moon was a time to pause, reflect on the present moment, and give thanks for all of the blessings that they had received. It was also a chance to reflect on the darkness of the past, and focus on the light of the future. Followers of Isis would often perform rituals to honour her during this time and ask for her protection and guidance on their journey forward.


In addition, the new moon in December was seen to be an auspicious time for long-term plans and projects. The spiritual energy of the moon encouraged people to take risks, pursue their dreams, and have faith in their own capabilities. For followers of Isis, the new moon in December was a time to celebrate the potential of the future, ask for the goddess’s assistance on the journey ahead, and allow the light of her wisdom to shine upon them.


Overall, the new moon in December has special significance for followers of Isis, as it was seen as a time for new beginnings, growth and renewal. This is a time for reflection and gratitude, for setting goals and taking risks, and for allowing the divine guidance of the goddess to direct our paths forward.




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