• Hoodoo Great American Total Solar Eclipse

    On April 8th, at 11:21 AM Pacific Time and 2:21 PM Eastern Time, we’re in for a powerful journey with the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, dubbed “The Great American Total Solar Eclipse.” It’s like a potent potion brewing in the skies, stirring up Northern America from the Pacific Coast of Mexico to the Northern Atlantic Coast of Canada.

    This eclipse, dear soul, is no ordinary cosmic spectacle. It’s a Supermoon, drawing the moon closer to Earth, intensifying its energy. Picture this: the Moon creating a fiery ring with the Sun, a celestial dance that adds an extra punch to the mix.
  • Mongolian Spots prevalent in Black Americans

    Mongolian Spots. Highest frequencies most prevalent within Asians, Native Americans, and Black Americans
  • Canvas Rebel Magazine Spread!

    New feature in Canvas Rebel Magazine! Meet Me, Maroc. Thank you again to @canvasrebel for a welcoming and professional approach
  • Auset Season

    Auset season is an important time in Kemetic astrology, marking the start of a new cycle of growth and renewal. It is celebrated on March 21st and is a time of reflection and celebration of the goddess Auset, who is associated with fertility, motherhood, and protection.

  • Who was John Horse? #BlackHistoryMonth

    John Horse was an Black American freedom fighter in the early 19th century. He was born a slave in Florida in 1812 and was possibly of Choctaw des...
  • The Book Of The Dead Explained

    The Book of the Dead is an ancient Egyptian funerary text, detailing the journey of the deceased’s soul through the afterlife. It includes magical spells, charms, and incantations meant to protect the soul on its journey, and provide guidance on how best to interact with the gods and other spirits. The origins of the Book of the Dead can be traced back to the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom, texts written in spells and offering instructions for the afterlife, which have been found in tombs as early as the 24th century BC.

    By the New Kingdom period, the book had evolved into a set of lengthy and complex spells, adhering to a…
  • What is the Ennead?

    The Ennead is a term used in metaphysics and theology to refer to a set of nine or ninefold principles or entities. It can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian religion, where it originated as an interpretation of the god Atum. In later times, it was adopted by Neo-Platonists and Gnostics, and has been applied in various other contexts as well.


    In its most literal sense, an Ennead is a group of nine entities or principles together forming a single unit. From this sense, the term is sometimes used to refer to the nine gods in Ancient Egyptian religion, specifically those who

  • Hapi Full Moon

    The Ancient Kemetic god Hapi (or Hape) is an important deity in Egyptian mythology, associated with the flooding of the Nile and the fertility of the land. He is usually depicted as a blue-green human-headed frog or a man with a large headdress and a water vessel on his head. He is often thought of as a form of the Nile god, and is seen as a benevolent deity who brings life and abundance to the land.

  • Opening of the Mouth Ceremony

    The Opening of the Mouth ceremony was a unique and highly important ritual in ancient Kemet (also known as Egypt). It was a funerary ritual performed on the mummy of the deceased pharaoh, intended to restore their physical abilities and set them on the path to eternal life. This ceremony also served an important spiritual purpose of restoring the deceased’s anima, or

  • 🕯️New moon in Isis

    The new moon on December 23rd marks the start of Mesori in Ancient Egyptian astrology, which is the time between the winter solstice and spring equinox. During this period, the Nile River would begin to recede and the sun would become stronger, signaling the coming of spring. The goddess Isis (also known as Auset) was a particularly important deity during this time, as she was seen as a protector of everything in transition and a symbol of rebirth and renewal.


    In Ancient Egyptian belief, Isis was associated with the stars, the moon, and the cycles of nature. She was also venerated as a goddess of fertility, abundance, and

  • Super Blood Moon Ecliose ot Amun Ra

    The Moon still resides under Amun-Ra on May, 15th. Only difference now is the fact that a blood moon comes with it. The color red in Ancient Egypt was used often in magic ritual to show your passion behind your intention
  • Full Moon of Amon-Ra

    January 17th, Amon-Ra. Known here in America as Amen, He symbolizes creation that is made from the will of the spirit as the all creator and is the first full moon of 2022. The late January full moon shines in front of the constellation Cancer.