• What is the Ennead?

    The Ennead is a term used in metaphysics and theology to refer to a set of nine or ninefold principles or entities. It can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian religion, where it originated as an interpretation of the god Atum. In later times, it was adopted by Neo-Platonists and Gnostics, and has been applied in various other contexts as well.


    In its most literal sense, an Ennead is a group of nine entities or principles together forming a single unit. From this sense, the term is sometimes used to refer to the nine gods in Ancient Egyptian religion, specifically those who

  • Sekhmet New Moon

    Under the original astrology based in Kemetism (Egypt) we are currently in the era of Sekhmet . Once again we find ourselves under Sekhmet’s new moon. She is a Venus goddess of war and destroyer of the enemies of the sun god.

    She is known as a healer, to bring an evolution to your personality. With the coming of the new moon expect a more down to earth appeal, and