Hapi Full Moon

The Ancient Kemetic god Hapi (or Hape) is an important deity in Egyptian mythology, associated with the flooding of the Nile and the fertility of the land. He is usually depicted as a blue-green human-headed frog or a man with a large headdress and a water vessel on his head. He is often thought of as a form of the Nile god, and is seen as a benevolent deity who brings life and abundance to the land.


The full moon of January 6th is known as “Hapi Full Moon”, as it marks the beginning of the three-month inundation period in Ancient Egypt, when the water of the Nile was at its highest point, a bit of a hibernation period.  This was an incredibly important event for the Egyptians, as the floodwaters brought not only life-sustaining water but also a rich silt that was essential for growing crops. Without the flooding of the Nile, Ancient Egypt would have been unable to support itself and its people.


The Hapi Full Moon was celebrated with great joy. As part of the festivities, people offered flowers and other offerings to the gods and goddesses, particularly to Hapi. Some people even made pilgrimage to temples dedicated to Hapi, where they offered incense and prayers of thanksgiving and praise. Many homes were decorated with garlands of flowers and festooned with banners bearing the likeness of Hapi.


This full moon also marked the beginning of a period of rest and relaxation for Ancient Egyptians. During the inundation period, many people took to their boats to travel up and down the Nile, enjoying the cool breezes and sight-seeing along the way. This was a time for rest and recreation for the people of Ancient Egypt, and an opportunity to reflect on the importance of Hapi’s blessings.


The Ancient Egyptians also acknowledged the power of Hapi and the significance of the full moon. They believed that the full moon was a harbinger of good fortune and that it was a sign of the gods’ favor. They associated this moon with the emergence of new things, such as new ideas and relationships, as well as the possibility of positive change.


Today, many people celebrate the full moon of January 6th as Hapi Full Moon. It is a time to take stock of our blessings, give thanks to the gods, and pause to contemplate and reflect on the important lessons of the past. By honoring Hapi, we can be reminded of our place in the cycle of life and encouraged to appreciate and embrace the infinite potential of ourselves and of the world.


In many ways, Hapi Full Moon is a reminder of the power of the supernatural in our lives and its inherent connection to the cycles of nature. It is a time to reflect on how our actions and beliefs can shape the future, and how by embracing the blessings of fertility, abundance, and growth, we can unlock the potential of our destinies. By celebrating Hapi Full Moon, we can remind ourselves to be grateful for our blessings, cultivate positive energy, and make the most of the opportunities before us.

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