• Opening of the Mouth Ceremony

    The Opening of the Mouth ceremony was a unique and highly important ritual in ancient Kemet (also known as Egypt). It was a funerary ritual performed on the mummy of the deceased pharaoh, intended to restore their physical abilities and set them on the path to eternal life. This ceremony also served an important spiritual purpose of restoring the deceased’s anima, or

  • 🕯️New moon in Isis

    The new moon on December 23rd marks the start of Mesori in Ancient Egyptian astrology, which is the time between the winter solstice and spring equinox. During this period, the Nile River would begin to recede and the sun would become stronger, signaling the coming of spring. The goddess Isis (also known as Auset) was a particularly important deity during this time, as she was seen as a protector of everything in transition and a symbol of rebirth and renewal.


    In Ancient Egyptian belief, Isis was associated with the stars, the moon, and the cycles of nature. She was also venerated as a goddess of fertility, abundance, and

  • Super Blood Moon Ecliose ot Amun Ra

    The Moon still resides under Amun-Ra on May, 15th. Only difference now is the fact that a blood moon comes with it. The color red in Ancient Egypt was used often in magic ritual to show your passion behind your intention
  • Full Moon of Amon-Ra

    January 17th, Amon-Ra. Known here in America as Amen, He symbolizes creation that is made from the will of the spirit as the all creator and is the first full moon of 2022. The late January full moon shines in front of the constellation Cancer.


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  • Rehydrate and awaken the fragrance

      Dry eucalyptus can easily be rehydrated. We recommend trimming an inch off the stems, washing in cool water, and placing in cool (not cold!) wat...
  • Sekhmet New Moon

    Under the original astrology based in Kemetism (Egypt) we are currently in the era of Sekhmet . Once again we find ourselves under Sekhmet’s new moon. She is a Venus goddess of war and destroyer of the enemies of the sun god.

    She is known as a healer, to bring an evolution to your personality. With the coming of the new moon expect a more down to earth appeal, and

  • Jumping The Broom

    Jumping the broom

    What's the significance of jumping the broom? Why a broom? Where did it all start? Often times we’ve seen it in movies, and in real ceremonies. A right of passage, a ritual in marriage for African Americans, but what are its origins?

    The broom was made and used as a tool to symbolize change. It was used to sweep away bad, and negative energy from sacred space to prepare and cleanse the space for ritual. Outside of a marriage ceremony it was garnished with charms, crystals, and

  • New Moon In Bastet

    This New Moon falls under my birth guardian Bastet. Known as a protector always in sight of balance and peace.
    Good intuition and charming personalities preside over those under Bastet’s paw. Lots of mystery could be heavy during this time as Bast was always curious of the enigma. Being that Bastet can be overprotective, this trait could linger onto others displaying a very possessive mood…….

  • The Healing Power of Amethyst By: Content Cucumber

    The amethyst crystal lamp is back! Mined straight from the Brazilian earth where it was naturally formed, this gorgeous crystal cluster is clothed...
  • The Leo New Moon

    Under the original astrology based in Kemetism (Egypt) we are currently in the era of Sekhmet (July 25 - Aug 28). Sekhmet is Venus goddess of war and destroyer of the enemies of the sun god. Like the many traits of the Leo Sekhmet has the head of a Lion, you will find