Jumping The Broom

Jumping the broom

 What's the significance of jumping the broom? Why a broom? Where did it all start? Often times we’ve seen it in movies, and in real ceremonies. A right of passage, a ritual in marriage for Black Americans, but what are its origins?

 The broom was made and used as a tool to symbolize change. It was used to sweep away bad, and negative energy from sacred space to prepare and cleanse the space for ritual. Outside of a marriage ceremony it was garnished with charms, crystals, and other decorative items that were symbolic of whatever you sought to manifest in your life.

 Why is this so prevalent in the Black American community? Many have linked this tradition to West Africa. Jumping of the broom is one of the age old traditions African Americans kept during the transatlantic slave trade. The symbolic and sacred origin 

of the broom was largely forgotten, but the action wasn’t.  During the marriage the broom was adorned with more decorative charms symbolic of the couples matrimony, even today you will notice the broom is decorated though with less spiritual meaning, but this will all change for the better now that you know correct? Will you be jumping the broom in sacred spiritual matrimony?

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