Rehydrate and awaken the fragrance


Dry eucalyptus can easily be rehydrated. We recommend trimming an inch off the stems, washing in cool water, and placing in cool (not cold!) water overnight. Do this immediately on receiving your eucalyptus. Once this process is complete, your freshly hydrated eucalyptus is ready for use! 

In summary, to hydrate your eucalyptus:


  • Rinse in cool water
  • Trim 1 inch off stems
  • Rehydrate overnight
  • Gently roll (Optional)


Now, rolling your eucalyptus. While this isn't a necessary step, we find that this can make the eucalyptus a little more fragrant. First, of course, give your eucalyptus a gentle wash in cool water. After letting it dry out, prepare an area you can clean easily and grab a wine bottle (or something round!). Finally, carefully and gently roll the eucalyptus to release some of its oils. This will help the shower steam spread the leaves aroma around the shower.

A final touch may be to add one or two drops of essential oils, to your preference to the stems. These can become overpowering fast, so it is best to start with less!

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