Winter Solstice

Celebrations of the Winter Solstice date back to the first dynasties of Kemet and Kush you may know as Egypt and Nubia (modern day Sudan).  Here we explore the ancient celebration to formerly commence the holiday. The day will also be special as this will be closest visible conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 800 years.


One of the most important things  to these ancient civilizations was the orientation or navigation of buildings in connection to the cosmos. One way of doing this was finding true north, they did this by way of “stretching the cord”. True north is where the soul traveled in journey. The temples and pyramids of these ancient civilizations were something of an astrological observatory. The sun would rise and fall in conjunction to the temples (Karnak) aligned within the civilizations.

During the festivities of Winter Solstice, the celebration would last 12 days in connection to the 12 divisions in their sun calendar with gifts, decorated greenery, and psalms for blessings in ritual.

During Winter Solstice Ra, and Horus (Heru) come to mind for the celebration being of Ancient Deities of the Sun. Goddess (Auset) Isis would give birth to Horus the day of Winter solstice. With the birth of Horus we celebrate our guiding light that is the sun, the day of Horus birth became the anniversary to celebrate Winter Solstice.

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