Celestial African Masks

Those who wear the mask are spirited of the ancestors. Many masks are important for ritual and ceremony. African mythology across many tribes always looked upon the ancestors, the cosmos, and animal spirits to guide them in spirit for war, harmony, and death.


- Bemileke mask of Cameroon - Fertility of the land, many times worn during ceremonial hunts and plant harvesting.


- Kasai Pende Mask of the Democratic Republic of Congo - Communication of spirits. Used in ritual with intentions to positively or negatively influence.


- Kota mask of Gabon - Dance ceremonial ritual worn during anti-sorcery seances and even for psychotherapeutic sessions.


- Anubis mask of Kemet/Egypt- Ritual mask used mostly in death. Worn by high priests during funeral rituals. Anubis ushered the souls into the afterlife.

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