Full moon on Halloween

This year, a Full Moon lands on Halloween. With a 29.5-day cycle of phases, any time you squeeze two full moons into a month, the second one is called the “Blue Moon.” Back in the 20th and 21st centuries, the USA saw eight Halloween Blue Moons: 1906 1925 1944 2020 2039 2058 2077 & 2096. Meaning Blue Moons in general are not particularly rare. 

The spooky Blue Moon will phase in Taurus. Taurus will bring in hedonism and kink. Expect to be highly sensitive to many material and practical matters. This is much more sensitive to those who are Taurus or have Taurus in one of their three planetary bodies. Look to explore these traits, they are open for you to experience a journey. Take the trip. 

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